Sale of Trinity Property

April 6, 2014

As you may already know, the Trinity property on Doncaster Road has been sold to Metro Property Developments (MPD) with settlement due on 30th June. MPD have now decided to onsell or lease the Doncaster Road portion only of the property as it no longer fits their strategic plans. They have already placed advertisements to this effect in the Melbourne press. Please be aware that this change in plans will take effect only after Synod has received full financial settlement from MPD nor does it affect our arrangements to vacate the property by 30th June and these are proceeding on schedule.

You will also be pleased to know that the Trinity organ will soon be transferred to a new home at St Anne’s church in East Kew as a gift from our congregation. To mark the occasion there will be a farewell organ musicale for all to attend on Sunday afternoon 1st June.