Baptistry Window

Baptistry WindowOur Baptistry window is a poem in glass. Look at it, meditate upon its message. To help, you may wish to think of these words of explanation written by the late Rev. L.O.C. White. Parish minister when the church was built.

“The window, which occupies the north wall of the baptistry, behind the Font, is very enriching to the building. This is a work of art by one of the greatest stained glass artists in the world today. M. Gabriel Loire, who lives and works in the French city of Chartres, where the finest of all medieval stained glass is to be found in the Cathedral. No doubt this inspiration has found its place in our window.

The window is highly symbolic – there is no attempt at photographic realism, neither was there in the most ancient windows, but the general theme is the Death and Resurrection of our lord, which is what gives meaning to Baptism. We are buried with Christ in order that we might rise to newness of life in Him, and the going down into the waters of Baptism (now symbolised by sprinkling) is symbolic of death to the old life, and the rising out of the waters Baptism symbolic of resurrection.

So the Tomb is represented with the fire of new life streaming from it. There is the great Anchor, symbol of Hope, the Fish made up in its Greek name of the initial letters of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour, and used by the early Christians as a secret and holy sign, there are the Stars of the Seven Churches from Revelation, the Candle and the Torch, the attributes of St. Aidan, and then the great symbolic figure of Christ. With one hand raised in blessing and in the other the golden orb of sovereignty he is portrayed as Saviour of men and Ruler of the Universe with the crimson Cross of sacrifice passing right through the whole figure.