Our History

St. Aidan’s and Trinity  joined to become North Balwyn Uniting Church on 13th February, 2011.

St Aidan’s

AidanSt Aidan’s Presbyterian Church was founded through the faith and inspiration of a small group of laymen who gathered together in a private home to explore the possibility of bringing together a community of like minded people who wanted to worship and witness their faith in the Presbyterian tradition.

They were aided and supported by Ministers of the faith, who brought their unique talents and experiences to build what became St Aidan’s Presbyterian Church in North Balwyn.

From a private home to the old Church on the corner of Tormey and Chelmsford Streets to the present building in Duggan Street, the church is one of significant importance in our community. The present building was dedicated to St Aidan, a saintly missionary who carried on the work of St Columba who organised his community to send out people to spread the Christian faith.


We remember the Ministers who have been called and followed in his footsteps. Ministers who have served the congregation of St Aidan’s and honour them for their thoughtful and searching interpretation of the Christian message.

We also remember those Ministers within the congregation who have given of their time and friendship in pastoral service; and importantly those families, some of whom, and whose descendants, are still with us today for their sense of purpose, and for initiative and energy they engendered to found the Presbyterian Church of St Aidan in North Balwyn.


In February 1940, the founding Trustees of the North Balwyn Methodist Church (as part of the Canterbury Circuit) set about responding to the local needs for a Methodist Church. The Foundation stone was laid on 30 August and the church opened on Advent Sunday, 30th November 1941 when Rev. Eric Nye was Superintendant of the Canterbury Circuit.

With two services each Sunday the initial congregation quickly set about forming a Ladies Guild, Choir, and Sunday school all in the first month. A young Peoples Fellowship was formed in 1942 and a branch of Women’s Auxiliary for Overseas Missions followed.

Other groups involving the church membership were : younger women’s Friendship Group and NBM Cricket Club in 1949, Boys Club and Netball Club in 1954. The Sunday school grew from 111 in June 1950, to 264 by the end of 1953, and to over 500 after the Youth Centre opened in 1956. With this extra space, a Girl’s Gym club was formed. Without a community centre available for teenage girls, the Rays Club was reformed in 1961 and met on Friday nights. That year the NBM Football team joined the competition. The newer church was opened in 1962 to continue the tradition of service to such a large congregation. After church union, the two congregations set up the Unicare community centre, and also formed the joint Ladies Fellowship which continues a strong bond within the newly combined congregations.

We honour the dedicated ministers who have lead the former Methodist flock, nurtured them, inspired them and proclaimed the Christian Gospel.

Not listed here are the retired ministers and Ministers in Association who not only worshipped as part of the congregation but provided pastoral service and assisted the Minister of the day. The councils of the Congregation and the Minister have benefited from their experience and wise counsel.