Sermon Booklet __I am__sayings of Jesus in John

Sermon booklet – The Genealogies of Jesus in Matthew and Luke

Sermon Booklet Jonah

Rev. Anneke Oppewal (former Minister at NBUC) has produced 3 sermon booklets that derived from sermons given over a number of weeks.

The first booklet is: The “making” of Jesus – The Genealogies of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew and Luke

The second booklet is: Jonah – Love, faith, justice and obedience.

The latest booklet is: I AM – Sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John

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Bell Tower Publications

North Balwyn Uniting Church produces a series of occasional talks and papers, titled ‘Bell Tower Publications’.  A $5 donation for each publication is charged to cover costs.

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Hymns and their place in worship








    1. St Aidan – His Life and Times, by Bruce Steele
    2. Congregationalism and Philip Doddridge, by Robert Sanderson
    3. Let There Be Light – Four Classic Hymns, by Mary Steele
    4. John Wesley – His Life and Legacy, by Robert Sanderson
    5. Angels, by Mary Steele
    6. John Calvin and the Presbyterian Tradition, by Elliott Forsyth
    7. The Cross in the Time of St Aidan, by Bruce Steele
    8. Christian-Jewish Relations, by Robert Anderson
    9. Four Hymns for Times of Trouble, by Mary Steele
    10. Music and the Church, by Bruce Steele
    11. Right and Wrong – searching for Moral Certainty, by Hugh Mackay
    12. Beware Homo Fanaticus!  –  Causes and Costs of Fundamentalism, by John Bodycomb
    13. World Affairs – not Foreign Affairs, by Stanley W. Johnston
    14. Perspectives on Euthanasia, by Christopher Wright
    15. Is Spong Wrong?, by Nigel Watson
    16. What do I mean by G-O-D?, by John Bodycomb
    17. Progressive Christianity and Interfaith Relations, by Lorraine Parkinson
    18. The Church and its Schools, by Joan Montgomery
    19. The Importance of the Rule of Law, by Timothy McCormack
    20. Biblical Women, by Mary Steele
    21. Indigenous Culture: A Plea for Connection, by John Bradley
    22. The Darfur Crisis, by John Langmore
    23. Discovering Spirituality and Hope in Health Crises, by Harriet Ziegler
    24. Hymns and their Place in Worship, by Bruce Steele

Books authored by former Minister, Rev Anneke Oppewal


“Ruth: Her Story, Our Story, Reflections from Women of Faith”

Mosaic Resources, Melbourne
ISBN 9781743240267

With the full text of the book of Ruth, sermons, interpretation, art, poetry and personal stories from women from the three Abrahamic faiths. Includes suggestions for use in groups or as a resource for personal reflection.

 song of songs “Song of Songs: A Multi-faith Exploration of Divine Passion and Love”ISBN 1453761179

The Song of Songs is a biblical gem that is not often read or talked about. Using startlingly explicit imagery and language it is a book about love both human and divine. In five sermons Rev. Anneke Oppewal explores a world where the physical and the spiritual, faith and desire, love and beauty meet. Contributions from the Jewish and Muslim traditions open vistas that connect present day Christian, Jewish and Muslim practice, spirituality and mysticism with a history that goes back thousands of years. Inspired by the Song of Songs, this book is part of a multi-media project offering reflections, contemporary poetry, beautiful illustrations, music and even recipes. Supported by a website at, it provides an opportunity to hear, see, smell and taste what the Song is about. “……for love is stronger than death, passion fiercer than the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. Song of Solomon, 8: 6-7